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Acute Care Testimonials

Sepsis Specialist Nurse



"I have been working closely with the WebV team . Our aim has been to look at how we could develop an electronic version of the current paper Sepsis screening tool using the patients observations to trigger a response to complete the tool .

Despite their extensive workload , the whole team have always showed sheer determination and professionalism to make this tool work and it’s been a tough journey but we are almost there . 

I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone in WebV  not only  for all their hard work and effort with this project, but also how you have  all made me feel like I am part your team , and not just a project you have been tasked with… it means a lot . 

As I said earlier the journey is not quite over , but exciting times ahead with rolling out the electronic Sepsis Screening tool trust wide .

Hopefully what myself and the WebV team can be proud of is that all our work into developing this electronic version is pivotal in  improving the early recognition, timely management and delivery of care to the deteriorating patient."

Adele Lloyd - Lead Sepsis Nurse

Consultant Surgeon


"Finding patients easy"

Mr Sitaramachandra Murthy Nyasavajjala 

Quality Matron



"The Learning Disability and Dementia teams have been working closely with the WebV team on some exciting new electronic developments to improve care for our most vulnerable patients.  Working with Viv Duncanson and Katie Hughes,  the teams have developed  a new electronic version of the My Life person-centred passport which can be completed for all vulnerable people so that staff have an understanding of them as an individual.  Electronic referrals can now be made to the Dementia CNS’s and to the Acute Hospital Learning Disability Liaison Nurses through WebV.  We also have more exciting developments with our delirium assessment and care bundle which will improve the detection and management of patients with a delirium."

Rachel Greenbeck

Clinical Skills & Safety Midwife



"I have worked closely with the WebV team since commencing in post as a Patient Safety Midwife a year ago. At that time there was currently work in process regarding electronic observations but this was not fully embedded in practice. Over the last year the extremely approachable WebV team have provided assistance with altering the parameters to improve early recognition of the deteriorating patient through early warning scores and have been on hand to support staff, resolve issues and work collaboratively with users to develop an effective system which has a direct impact on patient well-being. Their support and flexibility coupled with the dedication of the maternity staff has increased compliance from 17% to 100% in achieving the required standards for early recognition of the deteriorating patient within maternity services. We continue to work closely on initiatives to improve patient care and I have every confidence that, with such a dedicated team in place, we will achieve further success."

Gemma Logan-McRae

Assistant Director Infection Prevention & Control



“I have worked with WebV to develop a bespoke Infection Prevention and Control Surveillance system. The system has helped to streamline our focus on managing patients with suspected infections using a LEAN approach”

Maurice Madeo

Diabetes Specialist Nurse


"WebV has helped the diabetes nurse specialists to develop the online referral form for patients with diabetes admitted to hospital who require a review of their diabetes management. This has improved patient care by ensuring referrals are received and prioritised clinically according to the reason for the referral. Prompt referrals and reviews can ensure diabetes care and medication is reviewed and adjusted in a timely manner to potentially avoid any diabetes harms or complications that could occur in the hospital environment such as hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia.  


Since introducing the diabetes foot assessment icon on WebV (which was to improve outcomes for foot assessments following a NaDia audit which identified foot assessments were not being completed within 24 hours after hospital admission) considerable time has been saved for our podiatry assistant practitioner as the icon can identify patients with diabetes. Since the icons have been launched the foot care assessments have increased from 6% in September last year to 79% in September of this year. The icon identifies all patients with diabetes and those who require a foot assessment at a glance and has been extremely beneficial for practice"

Tracy Pykett

Primary Care Testimonials

Winterton Medical Practice



We all find it really useful here at Winterton. It’s quicker if a patient has been seen in hospital and has come to see the GP regarding this, it saves so much time chasing round for the letter as it’s on WebV ready to view. 

It’s really user friendly too, very easy to use. Everyone who I show how to access it is always very impressed with it.

Riverside Surgery



Secretaries use WebV a lot – checking for appointments, letters, reports etc.

It saves time as we no longer have to telephone the hospitals if the information is on WebV (Especially useful for 2WW referrals)

Littlefield Surgery



I know WebV has improved patient care as we are now able to see outpatient letters, results, and if a patient has an appointment at the hospital so this is very time saving.

WebV Clinical Portal

WebV Systems Suite