The Products & Services We Can Offer


WVS offers a range of implementation, training, support and customisation services. These include onsite implementation support, onsite and remote training sessions (including ‘train the trainer’ sessions), technical support in purchasing and setting up hardware intended for use with WebV, and help with analysing and exploiting WebV-generated data. We also provide technical support as standard and personalised software development (which can range from tweaks to layouts and colours to full-scale customer specific modules) on request. 

We can also work with customers to build their in-house WebV development capability by supporting them in building their developer teams, embedding customers’ developers with the WebV development team, and offering customers the opportunity to participate in co-development of the WebV system and its modules. This allows customers to take the lead on adapting their system to their needs at their pace and means that customers can earn royalties where customer-developed modules are included in the WebV product.





Includes various patient search lists/views as well as the WebV clinical portal, which forms the hub of the WebV system, as well as interfaces to the customer’s other systems to allow for seamless integration of WebV into the customer’s existing suite of systems via a cohesive patient-focussed view. 



Provides recording of full or partial Early Warning Scores including NEWS, OEWS and PEWS and also Malnutrition scores (MUST).  Results can be viewed in clear, concise tables and charts.

Patient Flow - Kiosks


Enables the use of self-check in kiosks for patients with outpatient appointments, with receptionists able to view who has checked in and what time. This module  also provides waiting room management functionality with a full audit capability.

Electronic Documentation


Patient medical documents can be created, updated, and completed in an electronic format, with completed documents automatically attached to patient records. Documents can also be attached to referrals. The module supports accurate and complete data capture via customisable properties which help ensure that documents are filled in correctly; for example, questions can be marked as mandatory and if multiple documents are required these documents can be set as a package for users to work through.

Infection Prevention and Control


Used by Infection Control staff to build a caseload of patients with infections and to document signs, symptoms, and historical cases, as well as actions to be taken and the next review. The module can also group patients and link them together to document outbreaks in wards or units, displaying all the information recorded on individual patients as well as the infection events, involved staff and linked cases.

Ward and Bed Management


Supports staff in more effectively managing their ward or unit. The module can be used via a PC, mobile device, or wall-mounted screen, and provides a ward or unit-level overview on which patients can be assigned to bed spaces and their key information can be recorded and displayed. The module also benefits users by creating a Nursing Handover. The information recorded is designed to aid in identifying and managing critically ill patients and assist in discharging patients.

Diagnosic Requesting


Allows clinical staff to request and manage diagnostic tests electronically. This module reduces the time taken per request, as results are logged electronically and can be accessed instantly. It can also reduce the likelihood of results being lost or delayed due to processing issues, as all requests are clearly laid out with all the relevant information. The module also includes an audit log to allow users to track their requests. 

Clinical Handover


Provides doctors with a personalised patient list and predefined template (determined by the Trust) to record patient information for handovers. The module includes a task list and compiles recent results and investigations into an easily reviewable format. The duplication feature for submitted handovers allows teams to archive their handovers and reuse them if appropriate.

Electronic Discharges


Produces simple pre-defined templates that staff can start to fill as soon as a patient is admitted in order to create a detailed and consistent record which can be sent directly to the patient’s GP from within WebV when the patient is discharged.

Mobile Application


Works with the observations and ward management modules to allow staff to input and submit patient information from the bedside. The app can find patient records based on their NHS or hospital number or by scanning patient wristbands using the device’s camera.

Message and Alert Centre


Allows users to send internal messages to individual colleagues or groups of colleagues. This system is compatible with desktop software use as well as the mobile application and can be used for a wide set of functions ranging from clinical communications to notifications of available test results to outstanding portering tasks.



Provides a comprehensive solution for theatre management. The module has five core areas and includes a waiting list manager, which collates the information of theatre patients and displays their procedure, procedure comments and waiting list comments; a session overview function, which displays planned sessions and current fullness levels and allows staff to book in patients.

Task Management


The WebV Task Management tool allows the ability to assign staff members within a specific function/skill, work requests/tasks to be actioned, along with the ability for staff to request tasks and enter appropriate information. The module also provides the ability to request patient related tasks via WebV Ward Management, automatically informing the receiving person with relevant patient information (for example, patient on oxygen or at risk of falls). Task allocation to the closest staff member with appropriate “skill” is also included along with the opportunity for the assignee to delay, reject or mark tasks as complete. Includes a full audit trail including number of tasks, time to complete tasks etc.

Blood Tracking


Responding to the specific needs of the lab staff and the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency guidelines, the WebV team designed an accessible, but highly effective, end to end blood tracking system.  The module is designed to support the blood cold chain system for storing and transporting blood and blood products within the correct temperature range and conditions. Designed to be easy to use, the module enables clinical staff working in a high-pressure environment to accurately and quickly record essential information. The system comes with full audit functionality which highlights any erroneous issues and allows mistakes to be rectified quickly.

Sepsis Screening Tool


An electronic tool for use on hand held devices, tablets and desk top PC's, which aids in the early identification and treatment of Sepsis and subsequently reducing the significant risk of long term disability or death.    The screening tool is automatically activated if a patient’s Early Warning Score (NEWS) has been recorded as 5 or above, or if a single parameter is equal to 3, thereby acting as a prompt to ensure that Sepsis is considered in these cases.  



Allows Clinical Staff to refer patients electronically to a variety of different services (definable) internally across the organisation, across hospitals within the same Trust, to external health organisations using the WebV system and from Consultant to Consultant. A copy of the referral is placed upon the patients time-line within the solution and is easily accessible.